Our Guide to Nail Bars

January 11, 2017 at 1:50 PM


Every year, many women flock to nail bars for pedicures. And every year, podiatrists see how they can go wrong.

We know it's tempting to have your feet looking pretty for the summer, so we've compiled some info to keep you safe.



  • Ensure your nails have a break where there is no nail polish on them for at least a week between pedicures. Fungus is anaerobic (doesn't need oxygen) and loves darkness - this is exactly the environment nail polish is promoting
  • Check your nails after removing nail polish - a common myth is that nail discolouration is caused by having the nail polish on. Whilst this doesn't help, the real cause of white spots or yellow/brown patches on the nails is likely to be a fungal infection
  • If you suspect a fungal infection in the nails, see a podiatrist ASAP. The quicker we get onto the infection, the more likely it is to clear up. Many people spend years fighting these infections once they're well-established
  • Do not share nail polish with others and never use a toenail polish for your fingernails
  • If you receive a cut or a graze when receiving a pedicure (or a manicure) do not continue. It is the law for the technician to cease treatment if this happens, as there is a chance of blood-borne disease spreading. Take good care of the cut with an antiseptic cleanser and ointment.


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Posted by Frances on

I saw your Foot Sense poster advertised as I was shopping at Botany and so I thought to check you guys out physically and on google. I have never thought about getting an assessment on my feet, but felt the urge to look into it.

I have an appointment on Monday 08 Jan at Botany. Quite disappointed to read what to be careful of at pedicure bars considering I am a fan of pampering my feet. I mainly go to Panmure for pedicure treatment. I also get dead skin under my foot removed. They used a blade that looks like a shaver to scrap off my dead skin.

Feeling curious to find out more. Thanks for the info.
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