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Clearanail - Fungal Nail Treatments


Clearanail is a fungal nail treatment system developed in the UK. It is new to New Zealand and Footsense is pleased to announce we will be offering sessions from January 2017.

If you have tried the other methods to treat fungal toenails and have considered laser treatment, then this is the treatment plan for you!

Why aren't other treatments working?

The active ingredients in anti-fungal lacquers have been proven in research to be very effective in eradicating fungal spores. However, this research often does not take into account the fact that there is a nail in between the treatment and the infection. This is the key to their failure. Most fungal infections are in the many layers of nail and the nail bed itself, meaning the fungus is well-protected from any anti-fungal treatment.

How is Clearanail Different?

Clearanail removes the barrier to effective treatment - the nail. Your podiatrist will make multiple tiny holes (0.4mm) in the area affected by the fungal infection. You will receive a free bottle of anti-fungal tincture to apply each day, which will sink into the holes, getting to the root of the infection. This means you see much quicker results in your nails.


  • How long until I see results?

Results have been reported as early as two weeks after the Clearanail session. Most people will see a difference within one month. Your podiatrist will take photos prior to treatment, at the end of the session and when they review you again to keep track of your progress.

  • Will perforating the nail hurt?

No. There will be some pressure felt on the nail, but no pain, bleeding or bruising. The drill is cleverly designed to sense a change in pressure and automatically shut down before it reaches the nail bed. 

  • How many sessions will I need?

Just the one Clearanail session is needed to get the nail ready for your at home treatment with anti-fungal tincture.

  • Laser treatment has been recommended to me, is Clearanail as good?

The most recent research on laser nail treatment has questioned whether or not the heat of the laser is actually able to kill the fungus, or whether it is just making it dormant for a while. Many people need multiple sessions of laser. The Clearanail system uses medication proven to kill fungus, and is made all the more effective by perforating the nail.

  • Is Clearanail safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding, for older adults, for children, for diabetics, or for people with a pacemaker?

The Clearanail machine has no contra-indications for use. This means the Clearanail session is totally safe for anyone. However, it is the active ingredient (Miconazole) that you use afterwards that could have contraindications. It is best to ask your GP or midwife if using miconazole is safe for you.

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