There are many reasons you may want to visit a podiatrist for nail care:

Thick, or hard to cut nailsbigstock-Well-groomed-Female-Foot-With--6403429.jpg

Over the years, trauma (from things like tight footwear, dropping something on the toe or losing a nail) can cause nails to thicken. This can make it difficult for you to cut at home, At FootSense, we have the right tools to make these nails look and feel so much better. 

Ingrown, or involuted nails

These can be very painful, and if left untreated can cause an infection in the surrounding skin. The podiatrists at FootSense are highly capable of performing conservative treatment with minimal discomfort to you. If ingrown nails are a recurring problem for you, we may advise you to have a small surgical procedure where (under local anaesthetic) the side of the nail is removed to prevent it growing back again. We can perform these procedures at either of our clinics.

Fungal nails (Onychomycosis)

We have a treatment plan in our clinics to support your at-home treatment. We also sell over-the-counter treatments for fungal nails in the clinics. COMING SUMMER 2016 is a brand new treatment for fungal nails for those who have tried everything. It is a cheaper, safer, more effective alternative to laser treatment. 

Poor eyesight

If you struggle to see all the way down to your toes, you may be at risk of cutting the sensitive skin under the nails. Open wounds on the foot are especially susceptible to infections, due to the fact your feet are either in a damp sock all day or in contact with the ground. It is, therefore, much safer to have us cut the nails for you. We will perform a quick foot check at each visit, in case there is anything you are unaware of.

Arthritic hands

Arthritis generally causes weakness in the hands, which can make the task of cutting your nails very difficult. Leave it to the professionals at FootSense, and we'll make a quick job of a would-be tedious task.

bigstock-contact-us-steel-green-glosssy-14866631.jpgDo you need nail care?

If you are interested in having your nails cared for by our fully qualified podiatrists, call or email us. You can also book online.

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